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STNE is a Strategy and Role Play Game. You can play here.

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2.gif Food
3.gif Plasteel
4.gif Iridium Ore
5.gif Duranium
6.gif Deuterium
7.gif Antimatter
9.gif Isolinear Chips
11.gif Dilithium
13.gif Tritanium
14.gif Sorium
15.gif Nitrium
18.gif Plasma

8.gif Photon Torpedoes
19.gif Plasma Torpedoes
20.gif Quantum Torpedoes
32.gif Polaron Torpedoes
33.gif Nemesis Torpedoes
34.gif EMP Torpedoes
27.gif Tribbles

waren.gif Larne
16.gif Latinum

waren.gif Items
10.gif Escape Pods
26.gif Taspar Eggs
29.gif Contraband
22.gif Blood Wine
24.gif Tube Grubs
25.gif Vinculum
21.gif Ketracel White
28.gif Earl Grey
23.gif Romulan Ale

Items can be treated similar to goods and can be transported on to ships and colonies. Some items have certain effects on ships and buildings, or can be used once to full fill a function like recharging shields. Also there are items that are used for pure role playing purpose without any effects.

Depending on the item it can be installed onto a ship, manually activated/deactivated, or show its effects without any further interactions. Items once installed can not be removed after installation, the only way to do so is actually destroying the module itself.

Ships can only have a certain amount of items installed, depending on the size of the ship. Ships below 1 slot cannot mount any items. One additional item can be installed at the shipsize of 1; 2; 7,5; 15; 25 slots. So a ship with 15 slots can install 4 items. Some items do not count towards this item limit. Currently (01.01.2018) known to not count are the (Improved) Titanium-Kit and the NPC Settler Skins from the Talaxian Shop.

A distinction is made between the following items:

  • Items for Ships
    • Ship modules which can manipulate ship abilities
    • Items that modify ship values once
  • Items for buildings
  • RPG items, which can be created by settlers.

Some items are buildable with Modular Technologies Research in a shipyard. These modules are located under build ships in the shipyard. They will be built in a container (0.5 slots). The item must then be beamed from the container to the ship.

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