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STNE is a Strategy and Role Play Game. You can play here.

Trading is an important part of STNE. While it is technically possible to avoid trading and produce all types of goods yourself, it is generally less efficient and less profitable than focusing production on a few types of goods and trading for the rest. There are a variety of ways to trade in the game:

  • Supply Station Shop
    Each Federation Supply Station has an active shop at which players can buy and sell goods with Larne. Rates are based on supply and demand at each station, this can lead to localized fluctuations in price. Supply stations are generally good for trading small amounts of goods, however for larger quantities the price will increase dramatically.

  • Ferengi Trade Exchange
    The Ferengi Trade Exchange (FTE) is a way of trading with other players more directly, you deposit goods into your Ferengi Account at your local Ferengi Trader and then can make an offer, other players can then accept this and the trade will be completed with the traded goods in your Ferengi Account. The main disadvantage of FTE is deposit and storage taxes.

  • Settler Shops
    Settler shops can be set up on any ship or colony allowing other colonists to trade goods for larne at fixed prices, however they are rarely used.

  • Gate Trade Network
    The Gate Trade Network (GTN) is a more recent addition to the game and allows trading using a subspace gate, trade base or atria. Offers can be made with Goods, Items or Torpedoes and when accepted are transferred from the gate, atria or base (or connected ships and colonies) and the received goods are transported to the gate/base/atria. deflector is used to trade over the GTN, the amount needed depends on the type of good, the quantity of goods and the distance.

  • Talaxian Ship Auctions
    The Talaxian ship auctions are the only way to transfer ships between colonists, all ships are auctioned for a minimum of three days and any player can bid on them. When listing a ship players can choose which resource bids will be placed with. Some ships cannot be auctioned. Around Christmas time variants of NPC ships are offered in the Christmas Ship Auctions.

  • Trading with Ferengi (NPC)
    The Ferengi NPC will trade with players, all trades are completed at ferengi rates and a 20% tax is charged (in addition to the 10% deposit tax). This tax is to encourage players to trade with each other. The Ferengi also has a limited amount of each good depending on what has been traded with them, therefore it is possible that they may not have any of the resource you want available.

It is also clearly possible to trade with other local colonists by agreeing trades through query and IGM and transporting goods with transports.

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