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Some NPC's (non player characters) were installed in STNE to make a certain storyline and to provide better StarTrek feeling. The active NPC's are controlled by former players so that you can interact with them. Often they offer storylines or missions, where you join - sometimes passively as victims, if your crew as suddenly "is assimilated by the Borg collective" - or actively by providing military support.

Many NPCs have their own territory within the galaxy, such as the Cardassians and Borg, where their colonies are located. However should you enter their territory, you are at the mercy of their fleets and may find your vessel being destroyed! NPCs also have powerful ships which boast more technologically advanced systems than colonists; Take care when engaging them!

The current NPCs':
(Server 1)
Name Info Alliance Alliance
Active Function Played By
2 System - - - No System Function -
3 Nobody - - - No Debris Fields & Freight Container -
4 Federation Click Here The United Federation of Planets 112 Yes Galactic Superpower, provider of Galactic Supply Station network, Colonist Aid Anonymous
5 Ferengi Click Here The Ferengi Alliance 120 Yes Great Power, Storage and Trade Letek Brunt [Ferengi Grand Proxy] (52658)
6 Romulans Click Here The Romulan Star Empire 234 No Galactic Superpower Vacant
7 Klingons Click Here The Klingon Empire 362 No Galactic Superpower Vacant
8 Borg Click Here The Borg Collective 348 Yes Seekers of Perfection Anonymous
9 Cardassians Click Here The Cardassian Union 315 Yes Great Power, Item Trader Todd (2493)
10 Rhulaner Click Here The Rhulan Empire 267 Yes Great Power, Pirates Anonymous
11 Dominion Click Here The Dominion 75 Yes Galactic Superpower Anonymous
12 Talaxians Click Here - - Yes Ship Auctioneer -
13 Vidiians Click Here Orion Syndicat 854 Yes Organ Collectors -
14 Vadwaur Click Here - - Yes Credits -
15 The Syndicat Click Here Orion Syndicat 854 Yes Item Drops -
16 Ba'neth Click Here - - No -
20 Guest - - - No Test Account -
21 Destiny Click Here - - Yes Destiny RP -
69323 Cylons Click Here - - No 2011 Christmas RP Event -
69323 Kazons Click Here - - No Temporary RP Event -
69323 Orions Click Here Orion Syndicat 854 No Temporary RP Event -
70831 Pakleds Click Here - - No Temporary RP Event -
70831 Vidiian Sodality Click Here Orion Syndicat 854 No Temporary RP Event -
70981 Suliban Click Here - - Yes 2012 Christmas RP Event, 2015 Summer RP Event -

If you want to communicate with a NPC, you can do so via In-Game Message. It is recommended that you communicate in a Role-Playing (RP) manner and if you wish to include a non-role play section, you do so using the [nonRPG] *text* [/nonRPG] tags.

The use of a NPC's name is forbidden by game rules.
* Article 2, Paragraph 4: "The forging of NPC names is forbidden!"

Coloured NPC names or NPC Alliance names can be shown in SCN messages and IGMs using the [Player: xxxxx] or [Alliance: xxx] tag, e.g. [Player: 4] for the Federation or [Alliance: 315] for the The Cardassian Union.

There is a whole section on NPC Affairs and concepts in the
STNE Forum under "Player to NPC"

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