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Basic Goods

Name Description
2.gif Food The term food refers to all real or replicated foods. The real food, however, only consists of herbal nutrients. Five people can be fed with one unit of food per round.
3.gif Plasteel Transparent aluminum, self-sealing stem bolts, titanium, extremely stable and lightweight 100% recyclable plastic fibers ... All materials are summarized and are used for the construction of all buildings and ships.
4.gif Iridium Ore Iridium Ore is a base material for replication processes and is used as a raw material for creating Duranium alloys. It can be gathered in mines or with the ore collector of a mining ship.
5.gif Duranium Duranium is the steel of the 24th Century. It is massively strong and is needed for all major buildings and ship hulls. The raw material required for duranium production is iridium ore
6.gif Deuterium Deuterium is heavy hydrogen, which can directly be transformed in fusion reactors to produce energy. It is the fuel for spaceships. You can collect deuterium in deuterium nebulae, or in the atmosphere of gas giants. You can also synthesize it from ice or water.
7.gif Antimatter Anti-Matter is the generic term for every sort of anti-matter. But usually this term refers to anti-deuterium. The reaction of anti-deuterium and deuterium results in a huge amount of energy. It can be used as an destructive force or in a dilithium controlled reaction for ship's engines.
9.gif Isolinear Chips Information and knowledge can be stored on Iso-Chips and thus be used to research new technologies.
11.gif Dilithium Dilithium is the only substance in the known universe, that, due to its crystalline structure, does not react with anti-matter. Dilithium is therefore used to control the reaction of matter and antimatter.
13.gif Tritanium Tritanium is a special steel alloy. Tritanium is solely used in the ship and weapon industry.
14.gif Sorium Sorium is a chemical compound in a crystalline form, which is only stable at very low temperatures. If not handled properly, Sorium is incredibly dangerous and is still used exclusively used for military purposes. Research aimed at employing sorium as an alternative energy source has failed so far.
15.gif Nitrium Nitrium is an ore that can be mined on very hot planets. It is combined with Duranium to produce Tritanium.
18.gif Plasma Plasma is the fourth aggregate state of matter. Continuous energy increases the temperature of matter and so it switches from liquid into the gaseous state. Further continuously energy breaks the existing atomic shell and so radicals, negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions arise. Usually, plasma production is based on Deuterium.


Name Description
8.gif Photon Torpedoes Photon torpedoes are loaded with a portion of matter and anti-matter. The reaction of these two parts results in a huge explosion. Photon torpedoes need 1 energy for launch, and cause 10 damage. They are also used in terraforming. The Federation does not hand out this technology to colonists.
19.gif Plasma Torpedoes Plasma torpedoes are a special sort of torpedo which deal moderate damage. Although more advanced than the Photon torpedo it is a basic military torpedo. The Federation won't hand these weapons to colonists.
20.gif Quantum Torpedoes The explosive force of quantum torpedoes is the strongest in the galaxy. The power is based on sorium, a hazardous component. The Federation won't hand these weapons to colonists.
32.gif Polaron Torpedoes Polaron torpedoes are modified Photon torpedoes which can pass a small distance in the subspace and thus avoid any kind of shield.
33.gif Nemesis Torpedoes Nemesis torpedoes have the highest damage output, but they only damage shields. They have no effect on ships that have dropped their shields.
34.gif EMP Torpedoes EMP torpedoes have, in contrast to all other kinds of torpedoes, the clear advantage of disabling a ship without destroying it.
27.gif Tribbles Tribbles are small, fluffy animals which were said to be extinct for a long time. Since they were re-discovered, many humans find a strange interest in these creatures. The Klingons, however, don't like these fluffy fellows at all. They are often used as a biological weapon because they can decimate a colony's food supply in a matter of days or less depending on the amount of food and the number of tribbles involved.


Name Description
waren.gif Larne Larne, is an ingame currency, that can be used to trade at the Federation Supply Stations and Settler Trading Bases for resources.
16.gif Latinum Latinum is the form of currency used by the Ferengi, valuable to them and other players.
31.gif Credits Credits, are a currency, that can be bought with RL money or traded at the Ferengi Trade Exchange for other resources. Credits are highly valuable as they can Buy Ships or Items and can be used to increase the maximum slots for Colonies, Ships and Color Limit.

Other Goods

Name Description
 ? Items A large number of items are available which have a wide variety of different effects. Some can change the values of ships while others do nothing at all. Some items can be built in a Shipyard, others can be bought with credits and some can be found in the Debris Fields of Syndicat ships.
10.gif Escape Pods Beam them up and take them to a starbase for internal reputation
26.gif Taspar Eggs Taspar Eggs are a well known delicacy on all Cardassian planets, and have a high reputation for it's love/hate taste. However, presently Taspar Eggs have formed quite a market, separate from others, forming its own "stock market" of sorts.
29.gif Contraband Smuggled goods stand as a collective term for a number of very rare often illegal
22.gif Blood Wine Every good Klingon should have some
24.gif Ferenginar Bugs The Ferengi only will only eat bugs native to there plannet Ferenginar.
25.gif Vinculum The Vinculum is the most important part of a Borg ship and is highly prized as salvage.
21.gif Ketracel White Needed by all Jem Hadar Soldiers
28.gif Earl Grey A traditional earth drink and the life blood of the federation
23.gif Romulan Ale A highly intoxicating alcoholic beverage, illegal in the Federation from at least the early 2280s to the late 2370s.

During the festive periods of Christmas and New Year the goods are temporarily renamed. To see the new names see christmas goods and New Years Goods


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