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|        Torpedo Capacity=1200
|        Torpedo Capacity=1200
|              Weapons={{Weapons|[[Phasers]]|8|8|8|-85%|N/A|1.87}}{{Weapons|[[Photon Torpedo]]|8|10|10|nil|N/A|1.87}}{{Weapons|[[Plasma Torpedo]]|8|24|24|nil|N/A|1.87}}{{Weapons|[[Quantum Torpedo]]|8|28|28|nil|N/A|1.87}}{{Weapons|[[EMP Torpedo]]|8|0|0|nil|28|1.87}}{{Weapons|[[Polaron Torpedo]]|8|0|10|nil|N/A|1.87}}
|              Weapons={{Weapons|[[Phasers]]|8|8|8|-85%|N/A|1.87}}{{Weapons|[[Photon Torpedo]]|8|10|10|nil|N/A|1.87}}{{Weapons|[[Plasma Torpedo]]|8|24|24|nil|N/A|1.87}}{{Weapons|[[Quantum Torpedo]]|8|28|28|nil|N/A|1.87}}{{Weapons|[[EMP Torpedoes]]|8|0|0|nil|28|1.87}}{{Weapons|[[Polaron Torpedo]]|8|0|10|nil|N/A|1.87}}
|        Special Functions=Carrier<br>System Blockade
|        Special Functions=Carrier<br>System Blockade

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Ship Comparison

Type: Military Ships
Category: Settler Ships
Class: Carrier
General data
Slots: 15
Crew (Min/Max): 120/200
Reputation change if destroyed: -400
Required Hangar Slots: 15
Energy/Flight data
EPS: 1125
Main Energy: 2250
Reactor yield: 324
Solar panels: Yes(-2)
Warp Core Capacity: 30000
Energy travel cost: 9
Flight range: 40
Logistical data
LRS range: 3
Cargo bay: 3500
Beam capacity: 20
Integrity data
Hull strength: 1200
Armor strength: 5
Shield strength: 1400
Deflectors: 700 (30)
Evasion: -45%
Torpedo Capacity: 1200
Weapons/Tactical Data
Quantity 8
Shield Damage 8
Hull Damage 8
Miss Chance -85%
EMP Damage N/A
Slots/Attack 1.87
Photon Torpedo
Quantity 8
Shield Damage 10
Hull Damage 10
Miss Chance nil
EMP Damage N/A
Slots/Attack 1.87
Plasma Torpedo
Quantity 8
Shield Damage 24
Hull Damage 24
Miss Chance nil
EMP Damage N/A
Slots/Attack 1.87
Quantum Torpedo
Quantity 8
Shield Damage 28
Hull Damage 28
Miss Chance nil
EMP Damage N/A
Slots/Attack 1.87
EMP Torpedoes
Quantity 8
Shield Damage 0
Hull Damage 0
Miss Chance nil
EMP Damage 28
Slots/Attack 1.87
Polaron Torpedo
Quantity 8
Shield Damage 0
Hull Damage 10
Miss Chance nil
EMP Damage N/A
Slots/Attack 1.87
Special Functions
System Blockade
Avatar/Item Data
Avatar Stations: 9
Battle Stations: 6
Item Slots: unknown
Construction costs
Food: 0
Plasteel: 1096
Iridium Ore: 0
Duranium: 1579
Deuterium: 798
Antimatter: 124
Isolinear Chips: 60
Dilithium: 176
Tritanium: 356
Sorium: 0
Nitrium: 0
Plasma: 0
Construction time: 51 ticks
Research data
Requirements: Yes
Iso-chips cost: 1500 Isos (+unknown Isos)

The Amaterasu, referred to by many players as the 'Amat' is a heavy Carrier with the capacity to carry twenty eight settler fighters within its 3.5 Hangar Slots and the capability to deliver them to a sector unharmed with its 1400 shields. As for offensive capabilities, the Amaterasu sports eight phasers, each dealing eight damage, as well as eight torpedo tubes which are capable of launching all player torpedo types.

The Amaterasu is a popular choice among players due to its strength and low build cost. In combat it can hold its own and adsorb a hail of fire whilst its fighters cripple opponents. For the Amaterasu to be most effective, it should be equipped with plasma torpedoes as a basic weapon, and quantum torpedoes if they can be afforded. A good upgrade choice is a Blue Coloring Crystal which boosts the power of the phasers to ten damage, allowing the carrier to destroy a maximum eight fighters per battletick rather than the previous maximum of four. Fighters perform well using their disruptors, however they too should be equipped with plasma torpedoes, and if available, nemesis torpedoes.

The Amaterasu and its fighter wing is most suited to opponents lacking in phaser capabilities, however the fighters can be sacrificed against tougher opponents for the greater good, since they can be rebuilt cheaply.

In a more social-centric role, having a fleet of Amaterasus grants the player Bragging Rights on the ingame chat.

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