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STNE is a Strategy and Role Play Game. You can play here.

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Abbreviations and Acronyms

This is a list of abbreviations and acronyms you might come across in the game itself or in chat, forum posts, etc.


Abbreviation / Acronym Meaning
AM Antimatter
Cr / Creds Credits
Deut Deuterium
Dil / Dili Dilithium
Dur / Dura Duranium
E / EN Energy
EP Escape Pods
Iri Iridium Ore
Iso / Isos Isolinear Chips
Lat / Lati Latinum
Nit / Nitri Nitrium
Ore Iridium Ore
Photons Photon Torpedoes
Plast Plasteel
PT Photon Torpedoes / Plasma Torpedoes
QT Quantum Torpedoes
Sor / Sori Sorium
Trit / Trita Tritanium
Torps Torpedoes / Photon Torpedoes

Ships & bases

Abbreviation / Acronym Meaning
Amat Amaterasu
Ana Anachrom
Dari Darinaya
FB Fleetbase
FS Flagship
LDT Long distance transporter
Nausi Nausicaan
Orty Ortygia
Rubi Rubicon
SDT Short distance transporter
SS Silverstar


Abbreviation / Acronym Meaning
ATSI/The Coalition Allied Trade and Security Initiative
SFC Starfleet Command
VSMI Vulcan Science and Military Incorporated
CHI Commonwealth of Humanist Ideals
MCP Master Control Program
CORE Consortium for Operations Research and Engineering
TE Terran Empire
BIA Brothers In Arms
TA/TETA Terran Academy
DSA The Deruthica Star Alliance
EC Eastern Coalition
GoK Guardians of Khitomer


Abbreviation / Acronym Meaning
AH Auction House
AQ Alpha Quadrant
Aste / Asti Asteroid (See also: Roid)
BPP Beam Protection Points
BQ Beta Quadrant
BT Battle Tick
Cardi Cardassian(s)
CF Ceasefire
Coords Coordinates
CS Combat System
Diplo Diplomacy / Diplomat
Dizzy Disruptor
DMZ Demilitarized Zone
DQ Delta Quadrant
E-batt / ebatt Emergency Battery
EMP Electromagnetic Pulse
EPS Electro-plasma System
Exp Experience (See also: XP)
Fed Federation
Fer / Ferengi Ferengi Trade Exchange or Ferengi (race)
FP Feature Pack
FR Flight range
FSM First Step Manager / Flying Spaghetti Monster
FTE Ferengi Trade Exchange (See also: Fer / Ferengi)
GTN Gate Trade Network
GQ Gamma Quadrant
Holo / Holo ops Holodeck Operators
HQ Headquarters
IGM In-game Message (See also: PM)
IRC Internet Relay Chat
k 1,000 (k stands for kilo)
LRS Long-Range-Sensors
LTR Long Tick Revolution / Less Tyrannical Retards
lvl / lv Level
M M class or Standard planet (M stands for Minshara)
MA Military Alliance
M/AM Matter/Antimatter
Mod Moderator / Moderate planet
NAP Non-Aggression-Pact
NCC Naval Construction Contract (ship designation)
NPC Non-Player Characters
PM Personal Message (See also: IGM)
PT Peace Treaty
Rep Reputation
Roid Asteroid (See also: Aste / Asti)
RP Roleplay
RPG Roleplay Game
Sat / Sats Solar Satellite(s)
SCN Subspace Communication Network
SE Space Elevator
SRS Short Range Sensors
SSCN Secondary Subspace Communication Network
STNE SpaceTrek: The New Empire
SUP Federation Supply Station
Syndi The Syndicat
TA Trade Agreement
TPB Tribble Protection Bureau
Trit kit Tritanium kit
TS TeamSpeak
USS United Space Ship
Vac / VAC Vacation / Vacation Mode
WC Warp Core
WCS Weather Control Station
WMD Weapon of Mass Destruction
XP Experience (See also: Exp)
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