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This is a list of the most common commands in STNE IRC ("Internet Relay Chat" which is located on an Unreal server operated by Anope IRC Services).


Register your user nickname

The most important commands in the IRC pertain to the registration and identification (or verification) of user nicknames. Registering a nickname prevents its use by others, thereby allowing you to maintain a consistent IRC identity.

You can register a nickname on the IRC (after you have logged-in) by entering "/msg NickServ REGISTER (password) (email)" where (password) is the password you intend to use, and (email) is your preferred email address.

During subsequent sessions the IRC will require you to identify yourself with "/msg NickServ IDENTIFY (password)" where (password) is the one previously registered.

Register a channel

IRC users can open new channels. If you submit the IRC command "/join #channel" when nobody else is in the so-named channel, you will be assigned standard operator status (@) for that channel.

At that point, registered users can register the channel with the command, "/msg ChanServ REGISTER (channel) (password) (description)" (where (channel) is the name, (password) is the channel's IDENTIFY password, and (description) is a general description of the channel's purpose). Registering the channel's name will preserve it for later use, and you will retain your operator status as its "founder".

Once you have “founder" status (~), you can change any of the channel's settings to meet your needs. You are assigned operator privileges each time you enter that channel in the future (unless you later assign "founder" status to another registered user).

Assign user privileges

Founders can assign user privileges within a channel. Users can be assigned as:

@ - Operator - to allow a trusted user to kick and/or ban specific users, assign operator status, and set the channel topic
with the command, "/msg ChanServ OP #(channel) (nickname)"
% - Half-operator ("HalfOp") - to allow a trusted user to kick and/or ban specific users, and set the channel topic
with the command, "/msg ChanServ HALFOP #(channel) (nickname)"
+ - Voice user - to allow a user to speak through the channel if the "ChannelMode" has been set to allow it (see below).
with the command, "/msg ChanServ VOICE #(channel) (nickname)"

Founders can also assign a more durable form of channel status which allows registered users to retain their assigned status through successive sessions. Registered users can be assigned as:

& - Super-operator ("SuperOp") - to allow a trusted user additional privileges beyond that of a typical operator
with the command, "/msg ChanServ SOP #(channel) ADD (nickname)"
@ - Operator - to grant permanent operator status (as previously described)
with the command, "/msg ChanServ AOP #(channel) ADD (nickname)"
% - Halfop - to grant permanent HalfOp status (as previously described)
with the command, "/msg ChanServ HOP #(channel) ADD (nickname)"
+ - Voice user - to grant permanent voice user status (as previously described, if that feature has been activated)
with the command, "/msg ChanServ VOP #(channel) ADD (nickname)"
Note: To remove a user from permanent status, simply replace "ADD" with "DEL" in the commands listed above.

Other useful commands

A channel's attributes can be modified by changing its "mode" with the following commands:

/mode #(channel) +m - Moderated...only users with assigned privileges can talk
/mode #(channel) +s - Secret...the channel will not appear in the channel listing
/mode #(channel) +p (password) - Private...the channel is protected by password access (i.e. "/join #(channel) (password)")
/mode #(channel) +c (password) - Colorless...removes colors from user messages
/mode #(channel) +S (password) - Stripped...strips colors from user messages

Additional information for commands can be obtained on the IRCserver by entering:

/msg NickServ HELP
/msg ChanServ HELP

If you have additional questions or problems, contact a #stne channel operator.

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