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Please Note: This article references ships of this class sold in the 2016 Christmas Ship Auctions or later. Other Auction Versions and NPC versions may vary.

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Ship Comparison

Other ship versions
Type: Military Ship
Category: Christmas Ship
Class: Carrier
General data
Slots: 14
Crew (Min/Max): 150/200
Reputation change if destroyed: Unknown
Required Hangar Slots: Unknown
Energy/Flight data
EPS: 3000
Main Energy: 6000
Reactor yield: 700
Solar panels: Yes (+20)
Warp Core Capacity: 29325
Energy travel cost: 9
Flight range: 40
Logistical data
LRS range: 4
Cargo bay: 7000
Beam capacity: 60
Integrity/Tactical data
Hull strength: 1500
Armor strength: 4
Shield strength: 1250
Deflectors: 280 (24)
Evasion: -50%
Torpedo Capacity: 4000
Weapons data
Quantity 10
Shield Damage 12
Hull Damage 12
Miss Chance -85%
EMP Damage 0
Slots/Attack Unknown
Special functions
System Blockade
300 Bussard Collectors (+1)
40 Docking Ports
10 Special Docking Ports
5 Hanger Slots
Avatar/Item data
Avatar Stations: Unknown
Battle Stations: Unknown
Maximum Level: Unknown
Item Slots: Unknown
Construction costs
Construction time: Unknown ticks
Value (previous sales data)

Christmas 2016
8500 Credits

Can only be purchased on the
Christmas Ship Auctions

(or possibly the Easter ones)
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