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This page is part of the STNE Wiki Help section of the website. It pertains only to the use and management of the wiki software.

For help with STNE itself, please use the Table of Contents, the Index, the Navigation Bar, or the Search function.


Page Editing


Wiki Management


Contents - search through a chapter-style listing

The (Table of) Contents is arranged similarly to that of a book. It is not designed to facilitate precise searches for specific terms. Rather, this rough classification of informational topics (e.g. trade, ships, colonies) provides a broad overview of the wiki, and a great starting point from which users can read further into their areas of interest.

The Contents listing can be accessed either in the navigation menu at the left edge of your screen or in the navigation bar found at the top of each page.

From A to Z - search through a keyword list

The keyword Index contains direct links to pages for buildings, ships, and other STNE components. It is alphabetically arranged - unlike the listing of contents.

This resource can be accessed in the navigation menu at the left edge of your screen (listed as "From A to Z"), or in the navigation bar found at the top of each page (listed as "Index").

Categories - search through a list of topics

All articles in the STNE Wiki are thematically classified according to topic. This becomes apparent through the use of named categories which one can find at the foot of any page. These categories also provide specific information about the articles they include - e.g. Category:Planet Classes, Category:Terraforming, Category:Warships, etc.

One can also find an alphabetically listed overview of all categories here: Special:Categories. This page can also be accessed in the toolbox menu at the left edge of your screen (listed as "Special pages"), which will lead to Categories in its Lists of Pages section.

Special pages - search with help from special wiki functions

Anyone searching for unusual or unique information in the STNE-Wiki should look at its special pages more closely. These pages provide a wide diversity of information - from blocked IP addresses and usernames, to lists of new and recently-edited articles, to various types of page overviews, and much more.

These pages can be accessed through the toolbox menu at the left edge of your screen (listed as "Special pages").

Search - use the wiki search function

Users can also utilize the input box (located at the left edge of the screen with the two buttons labeled "Go" and "Search" beneath it) to search through the entire STNE-Wiki for a specific word or phrase. Simply enter a desired word or phrase, and click either input button; the search function will provide a list of page titles and page text selections which most closely match the search term used. The same search function is also accessible through the Search page.

Hints for using the Search box

  • At least one search word must be present. All pages which contain at least one of the search words will be listed - exactly as it was entered. If no results are returned, the user should determine if the search terms were correctly written. Portions of words are not included in the results, e.g. a search for "role" will not provide hits on articles which contain only the word "roleplay".
  • Avoid short and common words. A missed search might occur if the search term contains so-called stop words (e.g. "the", "a", "more", "over", "when"). The search should be repeated without including these stop words.
  • The search function does not differentiate between upper and lower case letters. For the search term "duranium", both "Duranium" and "DURANIUM" would be also be included in the results.

Hints for narrowing Search box parameters

  • Only the Mainspace, the Scripting namespace, and the API namespace is scanned when using standard search parameters. Pages with the prefix titles "Players:", "Alliance:", "Folk:", "Talk:", etc., are not automatically included. Users may extend their search to include other namespaces (player, alliance, images, etc. with their associated discussion pages) by selecting one of the options listed below the search results.
  • Boolean search is possible (search using logic function with the search words). More complex search queries can be submitted by including delimiting words such as "AND" (and), "OR" (or), and "NOT" (not). If no such delimiters are indicated, "OR" is the default attribute used in searches. Thus, for example, a search for "Duranium NOT factory" will search all pages which contain the word, "Duranium", but not the word, "factory". A search for "Duranium AND (factory OR plant)" will show all articles which contain not only "Duranium", but also "factory" or "plant".
  • Regular expressions cannot be used.
  • Wildcards (substitute symbols which indicate multiple possibilities) can be used. Thus a search for "Duranium*" would display all pages which contain any word beginning with "Duranium", e.g. "Duraniumfabrik".

Search STNE-Wiki using Google

Due to strong loads on the server, the internal search function of the STNE-Wiki might occasionally be deactivated. During such an event, external search engines such as Google can be used to conduct a search. However, the wiki's "Go" button will always function. Searches using external search engines do not limit their searches to the mainspace, and they also ignore "stop words". However, the results of such searches might not reflect the latest information in the wiki. To search the STNE-Wiki with Google click here:

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