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STNE is a Strategy and Role Play Game. You can play here.

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Ship Functions

The deflector is a small generator, coupled with a deflector dish it can produce a deflector shield.
On Federation starships, the deflector is seen most predominantly on the outer engineering hull.

Deflectors deflect small particles or debris to protect the hull during flight.
The deflector can be used for a variety of experiments or sending energy beams or fields.
There are coordinated items specific to the deflector that can manipulate the ship systems or the surrounding area.
Not all ships have to modify its deflector to use with items.

Recent rumors tell that they are already managed by some ship captains to create the wormholes,
they were stable enough so that could fly a spaceship through.

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Deflector Function

Note: The deflector's only benefit in game is portals, for all other ships it should be deactivated to avoid unnecessary energy usage!

The deflector can be charged directly as opposed to shields/EPS/reserve/warp core.
You can only charge, enable, or disable the deflector.

    Deflector       Online   
ln.gif Deactivate rn.gif

   Charge Deflector   

ln.gif Offline rn.gif

Depending on the type of ship, deflector charging can lead to a negative energy balance.
Enabling of the deflector costs 1 energy and starts a battletick.

Depending on the type and size of the deflector determines whether it is stronger or weaker! Large stations have the strongest deflector!
Note: Not all ships have a deflector!

Deflector Items

Deflector Items can be used with only one enabled deflector.
If the deflector is disabled, then all items that are taking advantage of the deflector will deactivate!
Note: The deflector will automatically disable itself if it is empty!

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