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Information about Christmas Peace and Christmas Event

    Peace Prize? What Peace Prize?
    In the news at the start of the Christmas season we spoke about the Peace Prize. This is provided when no attack is made against another player in a period of time. As a reward you could have expected a fancy new ship. Due to the lack of foresight of our programmers that could not have been expected at the introduction of the new combat system, a small but important line in the code was forgotten (remember the last attack).
    Despite this, you will get your gift. Just this moment the Hermes , a new expedition ship, has been distributed to all active players via voucher.
    (Convertible under Database -> My Coupons, Coupon "25th little door") .
    We wish you much fun with the new ship and apologize for the misunderstanding.

    End of the Christmas Event
    This year's Christmas event ends on 19/01/2014 23:39 clock. Please remember to remove your goods in time because the Ferengi Trade Exchange storage taxes will be deducted again as normal at the end of the event.
    Until the end many ships will be still auctioned, so stay tuned.

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