Intrepid (2010-2011 Christmas Auction Version)

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Please Note: This article references ships of this class sold on the 2010 and 2011 Christmas Ship Auctions ONLY. Other versions of this ship may vary. Information included on this page is accurate as of when the ship was sold. It does NOT take into account game updates.

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Ship Comparison

Other Ship Versions
Type: Unknown
Category: Christmas Ship
Class: Deep space exploration ship
General data
Slots: Unknown
Crew (Min/Max): Unknown/Unknown
Energy/Flight data
EPS: Unknown
Reserve Energy: Unknown
Reactor yield: Unknown
Solar panels: Unknown
Warp Core Capacity: Unknown
Energy travel cost: Unknown
Flight range: Unknown
Logistical data
LRS range: Unknown
Cargo bay: Unknown
Beam capacity: Unknown
Integrity data
Hull strength: Unknown
Armor strength: Unknown
Shield strength: Unknown
Deflectors: Unknown
Weapons/Tactical data
Phasers: Unknown
Disruptors: Unknown
Torpedo tubes: Unknown
Torpedo types: Unknown
Torpedo capacity: Unknown
Torpedo evasion: Unknown
Special Functions
Construction Costs
Construction Time: Unknown
Value (Previous Sales Data)

26.12.2011 - 205000 Plasteel

Can only be Purchased on the
2010 and 2011 Christmas Ship Auctions
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