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This page is part of the STNE Wiki Help section of the website. It pertains only to the use and management of the wiki software.

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Page Editing


Wiki Management

Welcome to the Wiki!

If you would like to help feed the STNE-Wiki with information, here are some links and hints that will help ensure its continuity:

  • The first place you might start is the Tutorial for Wiki-Contributors from Wikipedia.
  • You can post your first editing attempts in our Wiki Sandbox. Unlike other pages on our site, you may play there to your heart's content...
  • Even the Wiki is not spared of rules ;-). Although we have seen no need for a fixed set of rules, dignity and respect should always characterize the handling of the Wiki. Some guidelines for proper conduct on the Wiki can be found here
  • Should you need assistance or further guidance, please contact an in-game Wiki-Administrator.

Otherwise, we hope you will enjoy contributing to the STNE-Wiki. It will surely be fun working with you!

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