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Not much information is known about the Narandinite People, they are widely believed to be shape shifters of sort resembling those of the Founders. Narandinite People generally keep a Humanoid appearance. Civilian life of Narandinite people are typical of Humanoids, they have their religions and personal lives. The Empire of Naranda is an Absolute Monarchy in which the people are given basic rights and freedoms and are treated fairly well compared to some factions. The government is headed by the Emporer N/\randa

Those who choose a military lifestyle, join the Imperial Narandinite Guard, or ING. The ING consists of 3 Divisions; The Protectorate(Main policing Body of each Narandinite held Planet), Starfleet(The ING's space faring body, used for exploration, science, defense, and even offense), Marine Corps(Primary Naval Infantry).

The Emporer is the Commander in Chief of the ING, followed in rank by the Fleet Admiral of the ING. There can only be 1 Fleet Admiral at a given time and the Fleet Admiral commands the entire ING and takes orders only from the Emporer.

The ranking structure of the ING is the standard ranking of the Federation.
Flag Officers:
-Fleet Admiral
-Vice Admiral
-Rear Admiral

-Lieutenant Commander
-Lieutenant, Junior Grade

Notable People:
Emporer N/\randa
Fleet Admiral Gilneas
Vice Admiral George Burten
Rear Admiral Amber Johnson
Commodore Billie Broono
Commodore Martins
Commander Belinak (Commander of Outpost N-1)

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