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Government Type: N/A
Date of Establishment: N/A
Membership: Extinct
Homeworld: N/A
Race: Vadwaur
Technology Level: 8
Player ID: 14
Server ID: DE1
Played By: System

The Vadwaur were a humanoid species in the Delta Quadrant. In the meantime, however, this people has died out entirely.


The Vadwaur were a fairly belligerent people. They used their own network of subspace corridors to wage war against their enemies.

In the old Talaxian their name meant "foolish", which is because those who were duped were considered foolish. With the help of the subspace corridors, they could emerge very quickly and do a surprising amount of damage. In order to find and maintain the special corridors through the subspace, the Vadwaur developed automatic probes, which would find new corridors for centuries and keep existing ones with little energy. Over time, however, the Vadwaur were finally destroyed by their countless enemies.

Today there are only a few ruins, cultural goods or records left. The only thing they have consistently left behind is their probes, which can now be found throughout the galaxy. When fired at, they automatically trigger an EMP wave against their attacker. Many space-traveling peoples are already familiar with these probes and therefore not really dangerous. When destroyed, the probes often leave behind a certain amount of antique Vadwaur artifacts, which are often used as a means of exchange and payment.

Role in STNE

The self-flying and unmanned probes have a specialty: if they are fired, the credits contained therein are automatically credited to the Player Account, so that you can use them e.g. buying ships, increasing slot limit. There is also sometimes a Proximo Colonies Item in the debris field of a probe.

Because the shooting down of a 'Vadwaur probe' costs 50 external reputation, the remaining debris field should then be shot away: that will add 50 external reputation.

Special NPC goods: 31.gif Credits

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