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The Talaxian Shop is a specialist shop available at talaxian auction posts. The shop allows NPC goods to be converted to tokens, these tokens can then be exchanged for a variety of reskin items to make ships look like they belong to a specific NPC race.


Token Goods Cost Credits Cost
50000.gif Federation Badge 10 Earl Grey 85 Credits
50001.gif Ferengi Badge 10 Ferenginar Bugs 85 Credits
50002.gif Praetorian Badge 10 Romulan Ale 85 Credits
50003.gif Medal of Khaless 10 Blood Wine 85 Credits
50004.gif Borg - Cortical Node 10 Vinculum 85 Credits
50005.gif Cardassian Honorable Badge 10 Taspar Eggs 85 Credits
50006.gif Rhulan Badge 10 Contraband 85 Credits
50007.gif Badge of the Founder's Legion of Honor 10 Ketracel White 85 Credits


Cost Federation Ferengi Romulans Klingons Borg Cardassians Rhulans Dominion
DY-500 1 Badge dy500_federation.png dy500_ferengi.png - DY500_kling.png dy500_borg.png - dy500_rhulaner.png -
Antares 1 Badge - - - - - - antares_rhulaner.png -
Kazon Fighter 1 Badge kazon_federation.png kazon_ferengi.png kazon_romulaner.png kazon_kling.png kazon_borg.png kazon_card.png kazon_rhulaner.png -
Anachrom 2 Badges anachrom_federation.png anachrom_ferengi.png anachrom_romulaner.png Anachrom_kling.png anachrom_borg.png anachrom_card.png anachrom_rhulaner.png -
Darinaya 1 Badge darinaya_federation.png darinaya_ferengi.png darinaya_romulaner.png Darinaya_kling.png darinaya_borg.png darinaya_card.png darinaya_rhulaner.png -
Adrec 2 Badges adrec_federation.png adrec_ferengi.png adrec_romulaner.png adrec_kling.png adrec_borg.png adrec_card.png adrec_rhulaner.png -
Bandari 3 Badges bandari_federation.png bandari_ferengi.png bandari_romulaner.png bandari_klingonen.png bandari_borg.png bandari_cardassianer.png bandari_rhulaner.png bandari_dominion.png
Cloverfield 4 Badges cloverfield_federation.png cloverfield_ferengi.png cloverfield_romulaner.png cloverfield_klingonen.png cloverfield_borg.png cloverfield_cardassianer.png cloverfield_rhulaner.png cloverfield_dominion.png
Aither 8 Badges aither_federation.png aither_ferengi.png aither_romulaner.png Aither_kling.png aither_borg.png aither_card.png aither_rhulaner.png -
Amaterasu 10 Badges amaterasu_federation.png amaterasu_ferengi.png amaterasu_romulaner.png Amaterasu_kling.png amaterasu_borg.png amaterasu_card.png amaterasu_rhulaner.png -
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