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Ship Comparison

Type: Military ship
Category: Settler ship
Class: Combat Drone
General data
Slots: 0.5
Crew (Min/Max): 0/0
Reputation change if destroyed: -10
Required Hangar Slots: 0.25
Energy/Flight data
EPS: 20
Main Energy: 20
Reactor yield: 0
Solar panels: No
Warp Core Capacity: 0
Energy travel cost: 0.8
Flight range: 3
Logistical data
LRS range: 0
Cargo bay: 0
Beam capacity: 0
Integrity data
Hull strength: 8
Armor strength: 0
Shield strength: 0
Deflectors: None
Evasion: 70%
Torpedo Capacity: 0
Weapons/Tactical Data

Disruptor: 12|12
Phaser: 5|5 -85%

Special Functions
0.125 Required Carrier Hangar Slots
Disposable Energy Plasma Cell
Avatar/Item Data
Avatar Stations: 1
Battle Stations: 1
Item Slots: 0
Construction costs
Food: 0
Plasteel: 0
Iridium Ore: 0
Duranium: 0
Deuterium: 0
Antimatter: 0
Isolinear Chips: 0
Dilithium: 0
Tritanium: 0
Sorium: 0
Nitrium: 0
Plasma: 0
Construction time: 2 ticks
Research data
Requirements: None
Iso-chips cost: 0 Isos (+0 Isos)

The Dumpi is a class of unmanned combat drone which can be built by Scientia class techships for 20 Deflector. Each drone takes 2 ticks to build and comes its energy cells full, however the cells cannot be refilled and when all energy is used the dumpi is automatically destroyed.

The effectively free build cost of the dumpi is its main advantage allowing it to be used in combat and lost with no economic cost to the player, each scientia class ship can build a maximum of 20 dumpis (over a period of 40 ticks) before the earliest ones run out of power, and given that they need power to shoot it is only viable for a scientia to produce around 10 dumpis (this takes 4 days), therefore to obtain a significant fleet of dumpis a larger fleet of scientias is needed - this costs more credits and can be an important target in wartime for enemy combatants.

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